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Spring 2013 update…

Oops, I’m the first to admit this blog is going nowhere fast. Life seems to always be too busy to find the time to post… lots of content that just hasn’t made it up here 😦

I’m hoping to update this with some of our past and current projects… be back soon ladies and gentlemen.



Late summer check in 2012

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Well I will be the first to admit that this blog is no where near as done as I hoped it would be back when I started it. Life got far busier than I anticipated between me working, being pregnant, having a baby, getting animals, the garden, and everything else that happens with life. I’ll be attempting a blogging schedule of two posts a week, and if I can manage that then maybe I’ll try and do more…

Goats-an update

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So we have had a little change to our herd of goats over the last few months. First off, when the hay was cut back in July, it drove the mosquitos out in full force and they attacked our animals. They ended up having severe allergic reactions to them, and the vet had to put them on steroids the help with the inflamation. Everyone was better within a week.

In November, we butchered one of the wethers (stimpy), leaving the other wether (Ren) and the mother (Isobella) for the winter. We decided to do this so that Isobella wouldn’t be left alone all winter. Isobella then went off to another farm within the valley to be bred to ‘Prince Charles’ a pure bred Alpine buck. We left her there for a whole cycle to make sure she took. Upon returning for her, the goat herder that allowed us to use her buck said our payment was to take one of her goats off her hands. This goat is a doe that was born this year, and is the smallest of a set of triplets. Her name is Penelope. I’ll post a picture of her soon. Now that we have two does, I’m not sure what Ren’s fate will be, as he is a really nice goat (Hubby is thinking of keeping him around and training him to pull a cart, but we will see…)

We have ended up doing some modification to the goat house since it was built. Namely, asvault shingles and kleets on the ramp (so I don’t slip), the tarp roof came off so it was replaced with tin. Also we have installed solar lights both inside and outside of the house. Sometime this next week I hope to get the heated stock tank installed and filled (packing frozen buckets 2-3 times a day sucks!).

The Crib Post

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It works with an Angelcare Monitor!

Attaching onto the bed. You do this at the head and foot of the crib.

What you see from the doorway.

Oops this is upside down... shows the other end of the bungie. Again you would do this at the head and foot of the crib...

The pillow pushes the mattress against your mattress, the bumper is tied to the crib to hold it up.

So this post is horribly out of order, but thats the general state of my life right now… Found this on here.

i did lots of research before doing this here and here and here.

oh and as for our reason to cosleep? he was only tiny but he would toss and turn in the bassinet, causing it to almost flip. I felt he was too little to be in his own room, and his crib didn’t really fit well in our room unless it was there anyway! Oh, and we sleep great, much better than when he was in the bassinet!

Long time, no write

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So its been forever since I’ve wrote here. We are still moving towards our homesteading dream, slowly but surely. I’m posting here to let you know what our updates have been…

Update #1: We ended up having a beautiful little boy on Sept. 1, 2011. On the blog he will be referred to as “S”. Be prepared to see lots of this little fella!

Still in the hospital, 1 day old.Finally home,

Finally home, about 5 days old.

Giggly boy, at about 2 and half months.

Update #2: I’m still using the norwex stuff, but have moved my laundry solution over to ecosoap nuts. Am working towards making wool dryer balls as the cooler weather has made it so my cloths are all staticy!


Update #3: my grain shares have come in so I’m experimenting with using them to bake and cook.


Update #4: Lets talk about goats. Over the course of the summer they ended up ill (not sick) so I got the vet out to look at them. Turns out they were having an allergic reaction to the AWFUL mosquitos we were battling. Some steroids cleared up the reaction. It also ment I had to milk out the doe so she didn’t get mastitis (as the kids were still nursing but not feeling well enough for a few days to do the job). I had originally planned on letting her dry up this year and freshen her next spring as I didn’t think I’d have time to do it with the newborn, so that is the plan. She has a “Date” later this month with an adorable nubian/alpine buck in the next town. I’ll write a post about this later. Last weekend we actually butchered one of the kids (Stimpy), and are keeping the other one (Ren) as company for Isobella until she kids in the spring. Thank you to my brother-in-law for helping/teaching us with this.


Update #5: We did Hay this year over on the inlaws property. We figure we got about 800 bales off of the field. Some we are keeping to feed our own animals, the rest we are selling.


Update #6: I decorated the baby’s room, and will be making a post up about that shortly! I also will be writing a post about sidecarring his crib to our bed…

Rainy weather means time to get busy indoors

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I want to start out by apologizing for not posting these last few weeks. I’ve been very busy with year end activities in my preschool classroom, and between that and finishing up my OWN year end schooling obligations, and caring for our property/house, I just plain havn’t had the time to post!

The last few weeks have had really awful wet rainy weather. Not downpours, but a heavy enough drizzle that it makes it difficult to work in the garden without damaging the soil (we have really heavy clay soil that if you walk on it, you get a cement like spot when it dries out. Today was the first day of sun in a while, and I used it planting more stuff in the garden, and weeding. Oh, and the vet came today and checked out the goats, and gave them their booster shots for tetanus. He said the little guys are now officially neutered.

One of the other things I got done off of my to-do list was I bottled my peach and my red grape wine (which turned out like a rose coloured wine). This is the first time I’ve made fruit wine from scratch, and it smells so good. Now just to age it for a bit, and then I can taste it (well I can taste it AFTER the baby is born).

Tomorrow will be spent working in the garden, and getting my flowers planted. Oh, and finishing up an assignment (hopefully!).


Cheers until next time,


Making the move away from chemical cleaners…

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So, with the impending baby, I’ve been looking for ways to cut stuff out of our budget, and pare down on what I have to spend. One of the things I’ve always hated was using chemical cleaners! After doing alot of research, I’ve uncovered more and more about what I DON’T like. Did you know that companies are only required to have 10% of a cleaner to be organic or natural to be able to label it as such. AND they are only required to put 10% of the ingredients on the label? Hmmm, sounds like they would most likely put the 10% natural ingredients on to hide the really bad stuff. So not only are you paying more for a ‘natural’ cleaner, but ultimately you are still cleaning with some really nasty stuff!

One of the investments I’ve made is a hand-held shark steam cleaner, and a shark floor mop. I LOVE these products! With just these two steamers, I’ve done away with 90% of my cleaners. True I had to spend some money to get them, but I’m no longer worried that the chemicals are harming my family and myself.

The other investment I’ve made is getting some of the Norwex System. I find that the envirocloths and the window cloths are the two most used items, but I’ve also gotten the dryer balls, magnet balls (to help with the hard water), and a few of the other items. True this was also an investment, but now I can clean my whole house in 2-3 hours (its a BIG house), and still feel like I can be indoors if needed afterwards. I got the laundry detergent, to try and see if it really would make a difference, and I can feel the difference in my fabrics, and they don’t smell of perfumes or scents (which I’m sensitive to). I also bought the toilet system, after seeing it at someone’s house, and the rave review that my mother-in-law gave it. It seems to work well with our hard water, so this is what I’m going to use from now on.

So now the only cleaners I have to buy are the dishwasher detergent, liquid dish soap, and thats it. 🙂 I think I’ll keep my bleach, as it comes in handy for those tough jobs… And now that I’ve made this transition, what do I do with all the partly used bottles of cleaner that I have here? Any ideas? I’m going to keep my Swiffer Handle, as I can put the envirocloths on the swiffer to wash walls and ceilings.

Oh and FYI, the shark (either of them) will kill mould and mildew. Our bathroom has a chronic issue with this problem because of how the ventilation works in there. One zap of the steam, and a scrub with an envirocloth, and I haven’t seen ANY mould or mildew in over 2 months.